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I wouild Paul 10 stars if I could,. He is a TRUE Professional on so many customer service Levels. He was hired for an inspection and work on a house my mom was selling. Unfortunately my mom's relator turned out to be unethical , dishonest and unproferssional. Paul rose above this treatment of him and us by the relator. He puts the Client needs and wants first above and beyond. He has strong morale character, along with strong customer advocacy skill. The onsite crew were helpful, clean, direct and throughly explained the process. They were protective of my mom home, while it was being tented for 3 days. I can highly recommended Paul and his crew for any needs you may have and I will call in the future for our house needs Thank-You for being a bright light and your calm respectful demanor was truly appreciated, during this traumatic experience fro my mom.
Kim and Diane Pandora